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Let DJ David Munro call the dances and provide the ultimate ceilidh for your guests..

Ceilidh Caller and DJ – Nightlife DJ’s

One thing we all hated at school was being forced to do Scottish country dancing. It was so forced and formal it really took all the fun out of it. When we teach Ceilidh at weddings and events we aim to make it as fun and as simple as possible. Many of us have family from all over attending our social events and many of which have never attempted a ceilidh dance.

If you’re looking to add a Ceilidh caller and Scottish country dancing session to your Wedding then I would usually suggest up to 4 tracks. I will teach these in a simple , fun and upbeat way. Keeping the Dances simple allows everyone to join in regardless of experience and lets everyone have fun.

We have taught Ceilidh to guests from all over the world. Many of which didn’t speak any English so relied on a physical demonstration that we are more than happy to do. The 4 dances we would usually recommend are as follows.
The Gay Gordons
The military two-step
The Dashing White Seargent
Strip the Willow

We have posted the instructions to some bellow.

Gay Gordons dance

Count 1-4
Right hands joined over lady’s shoulder (man’s arm behind her back) and left hands joined in front, walk forward for four steps, starting on the right foot.

Count 5-8
Still moving in the same direction, and without letting go, pivot on the spot (so left hand is behind the lady and right hand is in front) and take four steps backwards.

Count 9-12
Repeat in the opposite direction.9-12Drop left hands, raise right hands above lady’s head. Lady pivots on the spot. (The man may set).13-16Joining hands in

Drop left hands, raise right hands above lady’s head. Lady pivots on the spot.

Joining hands in ballroom hold, polka (dance step) round the room.

Then back to the start. It’s easier than it reads.

The Military Twostep

Count 1-4
Lady with hand on man’s shoulder, the man with arm around waist, touch heel then toe of the outer foot to ground twice, bouncing on the inner foot with each touch.
Count 5-8
Walk forward for three steps then turn towards each other to face in the opposite direction.
Count 9-16
Repeat in the opposite direction.
Count 1-4
Facing partner and joining both hands, bounce on both feet, then kick the right foot across the body (to the left), followed by the left foot across the body (to the right).
Count 5-8
The man raises his left hand and the lady turns underneath (dropping the other hand).
Count 9-16
Polka around the room.

The Dashing White Sergeant

Count 1-8
Join up in a circle of 6 and circle round to the left for 8 steps and back to the right.
Count 9-12
The person in the middle turns to the person on their right and sets to them, then turns them once round right hand (variation – both hands). The other partner stands still.
Count 13-16
Repeat with the other partner.
Count 1-8
Using elbow grip, turn 1st partner, then 2nd partner, then 1st partner, then 2nd partner. (Variation – dance a reel of three, giving left shoulder to 1st partner to start).
Count 9-16
In the lines of three, advance towards each other Stamp 3 times and then back to stamp 3 times
Both lines dance forwards, one line raising their hands in an arch and the other line dancing underneath, and dance on to meet the next set of three coming in the other direction.