Photobooths from DBX Events

A fun packed Photobooth for your event

Let DBX events add some amazing fun to your event with one of our Photobooths complete with props


We have several options available for our photobooths. All come with unlimited prints as standard.

The Photopod

The ideal solution when your limited for space. We place the pod against a wall and you and your guests simply use our touchscreen to activate the photoshoot. The pod will give you a countdown and take the photo of everything in front of it. This is an open air solution and doesn’t require an enclosed booth.

Our Standard inflatable booth 

Standing at 2.4m high this booth fits in almost every venue as the average ceiling height is 2.7m. With this option, we can fit up to 5 people in the booth at once and you also have the option to add green screen too.

Our Large Inflatable booth 

Our large booth is a 3m cube so it does require a higher ceiling than standard. Many older venues will be able to accommodate the Large booth without issue and some modern ones too. Our large booth can hold up to ten people in each shoot and also has the option of green screen too.

Green Screen

Send your guests anywhere in the world with green screen technology. Before the shoot starts you will be offered a selection of backdrops to choose from that are added with the software we use. Perfect for themed events and we also have a selection of backdrops such as being eaten by sharks, chased on safari or some stunning scenic or holiday backgrounds too. The choices are limitless.