Old Skool Nights/Guest slots – Nightlife DJ’s

Your Rave, Your Way..

UV, lasers and strobe lights all available for that proper old skool feeling..

Old Skool set and GBX Nights


Are you looking for an Old skool DJ for the evening , a guest slot or maybe just to incorporate a set into your wedding ?


Many couples who book us for their wedding want a short dance set as part of the night. 

Over the years we have played at small festivals for Old skool events. Have also worked with Mr GBX himself on numerous occasions where we have done everything from music to sound , lighting , lasers and pyrotechnics.

Bellow are a couple of videos taken at different events to give you an idea of what I can offer. First one was a wedding where they wanted the kick off the night with a collection of 90s dance anthems. This was straight after the first dance and set the mood for the evening.

The first video was taken by a guest on their phone and sent to us later. So the sound is a bit distorted in bits but you get the idea.

Laser show

If you really want to complete the feel of a Dance night then why not add some of our lasers to your event. We have a selection of fill colour lasers available for hire.



Well if you live in Glasgow or the west of Scotland you’ll know what the GBX is. We very much offer our own version of this. A set or night of classic and modern dance anthems , Full laser shows and pyrotechnics where permitted. All mixed by a professional DJ with a passion for dance music

Equipment only hires

One thing were are regularly booked for is to supply sound and lighting to old skool and themed dance nights. Just drop us a message with your venue details and type of event and we will be happy to put together a package to suit your sound and lighting needs. Please note that Pyrotechnics can not be “dry hired” and will always come with an operator