Fundraiser Entertainment –  Racenight DJ and Party DJ 

A successful fundraiser..

Let DJ David Munro make your fundraising event a success..

Fundraiser entertainment

Here at Nightlife Entertainment we offer a whole range of fundraising options to maximise your takings for your cause. From a Racenight DJ, to party nights and one cause that books us for a Rave twice a year too! As trained event hosts we can really help get everyone involved and contribute more on the day or evening. We do a lot of fundraising events all over Scotland, some for small clubs and charities and others are more formal and larger associations and charities.

Racenight DJ

Booking a Racenight DJ is a great way to generate funds for your cause. On average if you follow our guide based on 60 people you will make more than 4 times more than our fee in total for the evening. We have been supplying Racenight DJ’s for a long time and will supply all needed tickets, video, projector and screen. We will work out the odds and payouts too. All we need from you is to bring the guests and take the cash while taking bets. We will do the rest

Formal / Gala Ball

Many large charities will organise a Formal event or Gala Ball. These type of events will raise thousands if done correctly but do come at a cost so it’s important you have the correct host to pull it off. We will host your event and provide all sound and lighting equipment required. You may have a band or a “Personality” booked to make a guest appearance so will work closely with all other booked suppliers ensuring the night is a true success.

Party Night

Many people will have a fundraiser night that is mostly entertainment based with raffles and other fundraisers included. As full-time professional DJs we can ensure we keep the dancefloor busy and your guests happy. Meaning they will come back time and time again and be glad they booked their ticket in advance.