Venue Enhancements from DBX Events

Venue enhancements and special effects

DBX Events have some amazing enhancements and special effects to take your event to the next level..

Venue enhancements and special effects from DBX Entertainment

DBX Events offer a whole array of enhancements to really give your event the WOW factor. Confetti launches , Pyrotechnics , DRY Ice , Moodlighting , Giant letters and venue dressing.

Confetti – Our confetti launch can be used in any venue ( as long as they agree to clean it up ). Restrictions usually apply when you use pyro based options that can set off smoke alarms. Our confetti uses a high power fan in an air chamber and simply blows the confetti in the designated area. We have 3 options of confetti available. Full coloured , foil ( silver ) or UV reactive. Whatever option you choose you won’t be disappointed.

DRY Ice – Dancing on a cloud – This option involves the use of frozen carbon dioxide that is used in film and theatre all over the world today to create a low lying fog. It is also used in witches cauldrons to give the overflowing smoke effect. We have used this effect for psychic mediums at the beginning of their show to give the effect of them emerging from a puff of smoke. However , The most popular use is for first dances at weddings. The effect created looks as if you are dancing on a cloud. A very romantic gesture that will really start your married life on cloud 9.

Pyrotechnics – We love nothing more than setting off indoor fireworks at events to highlight key points of the evening. Our pyro has been used in nightclubs, at festivals and more so during the first dance at weddings. As the effect emits a lot of smoke your venue will have to be able to bypass the sensor momentarily. Whilst this is easily done on most fire systems , many venues simply refuse point blank to do this. Don’t let that change your mind though, We can simply take them outside and stage some photo’s using them in the evening to really start married life with a bang