Christening party and Communion entertainment

Make your child's Christening an extra special day

Let DJ David Munro provide the ultimate in Christening entertainment..

Christening party DJ and Communion DJ


Be it a Christening party or Communion celebration, It’s a new beginning in your child’s life that you will want to celebrate. These types of event are very family orientated and will usually have a lot of children in attendance. It’s worth noting that we have an enhanced disclosure / PVG certificate available on request.

We will usually do a bit of something for everyone on these events while focusing on the kids for the majority of the event to keep them entertained. Using tried and tested party games that get the kids involved regardless of age group. We prefer not to do games that exclude children who don’t do things fast enough as this can leave children feeling very downhearted and upset at your Christening party or Communion celebration. So rather than eliminating children making them feel left out and excluded we prefer to reward them for their efforts.


Party game prizes

We highly recommend you choose the prizes for your event. This is due to possible allergies and dietary restrictions such as diabetes. Things to look out for are as follows.

  • Chocolates ( may contain traces of nuts )
  • Nuts
  • Gelatin
  • High in sugar items
  • Foods containing Eggs and milk
  • Soya and Wheat

An easy way around this is to use small toys suitable to the age group. These can be obtained cheaply from your local Poundland or similar store.

 Party Packages

We offer a whole range of options for Christening parties and Communion Celebrations. Bellow are just some of the popular items we offer.

  • LED Letters and Moodlighting
  • Buble / Smoke / Haze machines
  • Lasers and UV
  • Candy Buffet’s
  • Photo pods with props and selfie screens